Tropical Body Oil - Coconut & Lime

Tropical Body Oil - Coconut & Lime

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Tropical Body Oil - Coconut & Lime

All Skin types


Plant based sweet almond oil with Coconut & Lime essential oil. 

Body oils are made in small batches to add that personal touch. 

"It smells like Summer!!" 


- After showering, dry skin, warm oil by rubbing hands together.. then massage into skin. 

- Use as a massage oil. 


Sweet almond oil, Coconut & Lime essential oil.

Discontinue use if reaction occurs. 


No nasties... just goodness


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Sweet Almond Oil

- keeps skin cells healthy

- helps skin look smooth, soft & free of lines

- fatty acids help your skin  retain moisture

- soothes irritated skin

- reduces acne



Lime Essential Oil

promotes a youthful appearance

uplifting & invigorating properties

- promotes well-being and emotional balance

sweet, clean citrus aroma can clear your mind & encourage mental energy

purifying properties

- rich in Vitamin C & A

- helps with external signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines & sun spots

- tightens pores

- helps skin shed dead cells easier & evens skin tone


Coconut Essential Oil

As such, there's really no such thing as a pure, organic essential oil of coconut. It's not pure like other plant essential oils. Instead, most are really “Coconut Fragrance Oil.” An aromatherapy massage with coconut fragrance oil can be very relaxing.