Rose & Geranium Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Rose & Geranium Aromatherapy Bath Salts

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Rose & Geranium Aromatherapy Bath Salts 


Note: We are currently transitioning into using kraft paper resealable pouches for our Bath Salts… which makes shipping alot easier & also cheaper.

This beautiful bath salt blend has been made using Rose & Geranium essential oils


Add 1 cup (or more) of bath salts to bath

Soak, breathe in & relax


Epsom salts, dried Rose petals & buds, Rose & Geranium essential oils 

Discontinue use if irritation occurs


No nasties...just goodness 


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Epsom Salts

An age old remedy to help relieve the physical strains & stresses of modern day life by soothing tired, sore muscles whilst revitalising body & soul.

While relaxing you & gently sedating the nervous system your body releases unwanted toxins, eases swelling, muscular aches & pains.


Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink himalayan crystal salt contains certain minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium that makes it so precious.

Himalayan salt kills bacteria and bonds with the contaminants to eliminate them.

- flushes out toxins

rejuvenate your skin

- fights acne & helps eliminate scarring

- soothes sore muscles

- regulates blood sugar

- regulates hormonal balance


Rose Essential Oil

- reduces signs of aging

- hydrates the skin

- minimizes appearance of any scars


Geranium Essential Oil

- it's astringent property helps tighten the skin & helps to diminish the appearance of aging, fine lines & wrinkles

- slows premature aging

- has anti-inflammatory properties