Nourishing Body Oil - All Skin Types

Nourishing Body Oil - All Skin Types

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Nourishing Body Oil - All Skin Types


Plant based sweet almond body oil with Lavender, Patchouli, Neroli & Rose essential oils. 

Body Oils are made in small batches to add that personal touch. 


After showering, dry skin, warm oil by rubbing hands together..then massage into skin.


Sweet Almond Oil, Lavender, Patchouli, Neroli & Rose essential oils.

Discontinue use if reaction occurs.


No nasties...just goodness 


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Sweet Almond Oil

- keeps skin cells healthy

- helps skin look smooth, soft & free of lines

- fatty acids help your skin  retain moisture

- soothes irritated skin

- reduces acne


Lavender Essential Oil

- helps to fade fine lines & prevent wrinkles

- helps prevent & heal acne breakouts

- unclogs pores

- soothes eczema & dry skin conditions

- has anti-inflammatory properties

- detoxifies skin

- heals injured skin


Rose Essential Oil

- reduces signs of aging

- hydrates the skin

- minimizes appearance of any facial scars


Patchouli Essential Oil

- helps skin's complexion to look vibrant & feel healthy & smooth

- relieves dryness

- has anti-inflammatory properties