Mandarin Facial Exfoliator To Smooth - All skin types

Mandarin Facial Exfoliator To Smooth - All skin types

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Mandarin Facial Exfoliator To Smooth - All skin types


Rejuvenating facial exfoliator. Naturally created using pure essential oils to leave your skin polished & glowing.

For all skin types. 

Exfoliators are made in small batches to add that personal touch. 


Using dry fingertips, massage lightly into your dry face, avoiding eyes. Rinse with a damp cloth, pat dry & apply day or night serum.


Sugar, Sweet Almond Oil & Pure Mandarin Essential Oil

Discontinue use if irritation occurs


No nasties...just goodness!


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White Sugar

- a wonderful exfoliator

- easily removes dead skin cells

- unclogs pores

- ensures your skin is left feeling hydrated

- refreshes tired skin leaving skin feeling rejuvenated


Sweet Almond Oil

- keeps skin cells healthy

- helps skin look smooth, soft & free of lines

- fatty acids help your skin  retain moisture

- soothes irritated skin

- reduces acne


Mandarin Essential Oil

- detoxifies skin

- anti-aging

- uplifting & balancing qualities

- emotionally comforting

- softens stretch marks

- relaxes muscle spasms

- improves blood & lymph circulation

- brightens skin

- contains antioxidants which keeps skin looking young, youthful & glowing