Hangover Relief Aromatherapy Soul Stick

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Hangover Relief Aromatherapy Soul Stick

After your wild night of partying, here's a blend of orange, lemon & peppermint to help reduce symptoms of those annoying hangovers..Reduce nausea, headaches & pain...Yay!

Remember to keep well hydrated! 


Give your aromatherapy Soul Stick "A GOOD SHAKE" & apply to wrists, back of neck, temples, soles of feet or inhale deeply from cupped hands... or all of the above!!! 

Store in a cool dark place (don't leave in vehicle).


Fractionated Coconut Oil, Orange, Lemon & Peppermint essential oils. 


- Pregnancy:  Do not use in 1st trimester

- High blood pressure: Consult Dr before use 


No nasties...just goodness


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Orange Essential Oil 

powerhouse when it comes to fighting nausea

- known to stop intestinal spasms which causes upset stomachs

- soothes acute headaches

calming nature & qualities

- helps with mild insomnia

- eases stress & anxiety 

- relieves low moods & nervous tension

- promotes a positive outlook

Lemon Essential Oil

- relieves nausea symptoms

- invigorating & purifying

- boosts energy & enhances moods

- anti-inflammatory properties

- anti-oxidant

- boosts circulation

Peppermint Essential Oil

- antiseptic and antibacterial properties

- cooling effect which soothes irritation and inflammation 

- invigorates the mind & senses

- relieves & soothes nausea

- eases headaches & miagraines

- assists with mental fatigue