Green Natural Beeswax Resin Roller& Gua Sha

Green Natural Beeswax Resin Roller& Gua Sha

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Green Natural Beeswax Resin Roller & Gua Sha Set

(Note: This is not Jade) 

- Lightweight 

- Made of high quality natural materials 

- Polished smooth Beeswax resin

- Promotes blood circulation 

- Helps body create new, healthy blood cells

- Relieves stress & muscle pain (can be used on face, neck, arms, shoulders, back etc) 

- Feels wonderful when scraping Gua Sha over sore muscles 

- Smooth edges 

- Easy to clean



▪︎ Start in the middle of your face & roll outwards across the cheeks

▪︎ Move to the eyebrows & roll upwards across the forehead

▪︎ Move below the lower lip & roll downwards across the chin

▪︎ Use the smaller end for more delicate areas & harder-to-reach places

▪︎ Use the larger end for broad surfaces

▪︎ Your final step should ALWAYS be cleaning your roller thoroughly with warm, soapy water & dry



• Improves:

- skin tone & blood circulation 

- elasticity 

- suppleness of the skin

• Promotes lymphatic drainage

• Reduces puffiness

• Eliminates toxins

• Reduces dark circles under eyes

• Tightens & reduces pore size

• • Use with your favourite face serum


GST inclusive