Beard Oil - "Bushman"

Beard Oil - "Bushman"

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Beard Oil - "Bushman"


Plant based beard oil with jojoba & argan oils, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, black pepper & lime essential help tame & calm your beard whilst soothing and moisturising your skin.


After your shower add a few drops to your palms, rub hands together & apply through beard.

Discontinue use if irratation occurs.


No nasties...just goodness!


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Jojoba Oil:

- has a variety of healing properties & also has anti-inflammatory properties  

- can help slow down the aging process

- helps to fade fine lines & wrinkles

- increases skin's suppleness

- rich in vitamins & minerals that nourish facial hair

- can promote hair thickness


Argan Oil

- reduces signs of aging 

- hydrates skin

- is a vitamin E & fatty acid oil perfect for your face

- helps control oily skin

- may help protect against sun damage (but still suggest you protect your skin from the sun)

- powerful antioxidants to help moisturise facial hair 

- promotes beard growth

- natural moisturiser


Sandalwood Essential Oil

strengthens hair roots for a healthier growing beard

- the emollient properties of sandalwood, combined with its ability to soothe inflammation and irritation, helps to keep skin soft, smooth and supple

- softens & hydrates facial hair & also skin

- helps to soften & tame beards

help increase focus and mental clarity and balance


Patchouli Essential Oil

- helps skin's complexion to look vibrant & feel healthy & smooth

- relieves dryness

- has anti-inflammatory properties

- promotes smooth complexion

- reduces signs of aging 

- reduces skin imperfections


Vetiver Essential Oil

- promotes beard growth 

- reduces itchy and flaky skin

- softens your beard whilst nourishing your skin

- lightweight & fast absorbing

Black Pepper Essential Oil

- rich in Vitamins A and C, flavonoids, carotenoids and other antioxidants

- helps stimulate growth

- helps tame & calm your beard

conditioning to your skin and facial hair

- helps to promote a softer, more managable beard


Lime Essential Oil

- nourishes & conditions your beard

- improves thickness of facial hair

- hydrates skin & beard

- rich in Vitamin E

- soothes & calms irratation of beard itch

- promotes new hair growth